Iona vs New Rochelle Lawsuit
related to Beechmont
Original post from April 9th 2017

The primary goal of the Beechmont Association is to preserve and protect the character of the BEECHMONT residential
neighborhood. Although there are homes in Beechmont not used as private residences (some are used for College
purposes), all are presently maintained to appear as single family private homes, and to blend into the neighborhood.

IONA is currently suing the City to have the 11 Beechmont home lots they own become part of their main campus. This
could give them the right to change the homes on these lots to other types of campus buildings or structures. This does not
mean they have current plans to do this, only that they would have the right to do it if the need arose in the future.

The City and Beechmont are working to preserve our neighborhood.  Feel free to call Beechmont President Victor
Stanionis  at 914-632-8987 or if you have any questions.

If you would like to learn more or to make your opinions known, there is a City Council Meeting addressing this issue on
Tuesday, May 11th, at 7:00 pm at City Hall in Council Chambers.

The below map shows the 11 properties in question # 2-7 on Beechmont Drive, # 8-11 on MontgomeryPlace, # 12 on Pryer
Terrace (property #1 is Iona's Main Campus).
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Update from April 11th , 2017 - City Council Meeting
- About a dozen Beechmont residents spoke at the April 11th council meeting on this issue. The all emphasised the long history
and beauty of the area, and the importance to maintain its residential character. They raised their concern on the impact to
Beechmont if Iona transformed these Beechmont homes into new campus structures.  They generally strongly supported the
city position to fight Iona's lawsuit. A number also expressed a wish to work with Iona on this issue.
- Greg Varian - Speaking for the board - made the Legal case related to maintaining the properties as they are.
- An Iona Attorney-  informed the council that Iona had not requested this session and did not want to discuss the merits of their
case in this forum
- A Iona representative reviewed Iona's contributions to New Rochelle
- The New Rochelle council did not significantly comment due to the pending litigation
This page has information on the current action Iona initiated against New Rochelle as it relates to Beechmont
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Update April 26th & May 17th 2017  links to:
Beechmont association plans to send out a general communication to all Beechmont residents
Iona letter April 19th to Beechmont residents and Beechmont response May 17

Legal brief (by Greg Varian) presented to New Rochelle on behalf of Beechmont  on April 11th
On July 25, 2017 the Judge dismissed the IONA lawsuit, basically on the grounds they did not pursue all administrative
remedies before going to court. Below is key final paragraph in the ruling. There will undoubtable be other steps taken by IONA
either in court or via the city to address this, but it is a positive step for Beechmont that this first request was rejected.